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[20 Sep 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
Wake Up! It’s Class Warfare on The Middle Class

While President Obama‘s new tax plan may not appease everyone, it is appalling for the Conservatives to call it  “class warfare on the wealthy.” Excuse me, but the wealthy have enjoyed tax cuts for years and have loopholes galore, unlike the middle class.  Since Bush enacted those tax cuts for the wealthy some years ago, I would like to know where the plethora of jobs are that the wealthy claim to create?
Upon Obama’s speech about his version of Warren Buffet‘s plan, the Conservatives were crying foul. No jobs can be …

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[5 Jul 2010 | 17 Comments | ]

The old adage about  how “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”  has never applied more to the U.S. Congress than it does today.  As most Americans are enjoying the Independence Day  weekend, Congress is set to begin its mid-summer break, and won’t be returning to Washington until July 12.  It’s not that a holiday from work, even for elected officials, is such a bad thing;  it’s just that 1.7 million non-elected Americans are left wondering how to makes ends meet,  now that their unemployment compensation has expired.  As payments rapidly grind …

Economics &raquo

[2 Apr 2010 | 4 Comments | ]

For some reason, it feels like the the waning few months of the Bush Administration happened ages ago.  I remember it well;  those were the “not so good old days” when the financial services industry and the American auto industry were crashing and burning.  Those were the days when the stock market, along with everyone’s 401-K plans, was losing over 50% of its value, and the economy was shedding about 750,000 jobs per month.   Yes, those were the “not so good old days” when fear gripped the American public, and …

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