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[6 Sep 2011 | 15 Comments | ]
Bachmann on Downhill Slide

Sometimes you just have to laugh as fate plays its hand toward the unjust. For a while, things seemed to be going quite well for the two-hand-waving Michele Bachmann, all cheery, smiling, and sounding more literate than Sarah Palin.  There were moments at rallies when she actually appeared to be a GOP contender for the presidential race. And then the truth about the counseling center she owns with her husband came out.  
Bachmann doesn’t like that phrase, “coming out.” No, she and her husband counsel their Gay clients to “Pray …

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[10 Jul 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
Bachmann Says Blacks Were Better Off As Slaves

Ever since declaring her intention to seek her party’s nomination for President in 2012,  Minnesota Republican  Michele Bachmann has made it crystal clear that she is the only  candidate that represents the ultra right-wing interests of the Tea Party Movement. Sensing the inextricable move of the Republican Party back toward the comfortable, yet somewhat tired, platform of “traditional family values”, Mrs. Bachmann has gone out of her way to polish off her “goody-two-shoes” image, and to bash Democrats over everything under the sun that looks, smells or tastes the slightest …

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[6 Jun 2011 | 4 Comments | ]
Santorum : A Legend In His Own Mind

Rick Santorum, the ex-senator from Pennsylvania, made it official today; he is seeking the Republican  nomination for President of the United States.   Some people may say that Santorum’s bid for the presidency  says volumes about the state of disarray within the Republican party; however, it appears that Santorum’s unbridled ambition for a return to power says more about the state of disarray within his own mind.  During the two or three months that Santorum has been “exploring” the possibility of a run for the presidency  he never achieved more than …

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