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[12 Aug 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
The Reputation and Legacy of Presidents

During  its relatively brief, 235 year history, the people of  the United States have elected forty-four Presidents,  including President Ford (who was not actually elected).  Each of these men came into a position of power under very different circumstances.   A few modern Presidents, such as  Eisenhower, Reagan and Clinton, were fortunate enough to assume the Presidency during times of peace and prosperity in America.   Others, such as Hoover, Carter  and Obama assumed the presidency in times of war and/or economic turmoil.  Although each of these men handled their particular presidencies …

Economics &raquo

[6 Aug 2011 | 8 Comments | ]
The Call Came for a Campaign Contribution. Hah!

So there we were, comfortably seated in our living room last night, watching a film and trying to forget about Standard&Poors dropping the U.S. credit ranking to AA+; trying to forget that we had lost twelve thousand dollars in the market just this past week, and trying to forget that we have so very little say in any of these matters. These are not victimless crimes.
My phone rang. It was a campaign solicitor from Obama‘s camp. I politely listened to her spiel, which I don’t usually do. When she was …

Politics &raquo

[17 Sep 2010 | 16 Comments | ]

You could not watch this interview between CNN’s John King and RNC Chairman Michael Steele without scratching your head at this Black man who seemingly condones race-baiting, particularly from Newt Gingrich. Is this a man who is playing to the “birthers” or does he have a problem with his own self-image? Perhaps it is a case of transference to President Obama?Jealousy? Insecurity? Pandering? Whatever the deal with Steele, as the head of the RNC, he is watching his Party splinter and implode from within. He is and has been part …

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