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[21 Jan 2011 | 14 Comments | ]

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The Federal Government of the United States isn’t the only entity struggling  with budget problems.  Just about all of the states are in the same boat, with revenues shrinking and expenses skyrocketing.  In fact, both the federal government and the states handle their budget shortfalls in pretty much the same way; they borrow money.   Both the states and the federal government also have the same problems in finding places to cut expenses.  For most states, the sad truth is that the vast majority of their expense budgets is …

Economics &raquo

[10 May 2010 | 14 Comments | ]

Even those who are still financially able to make their mortgage payments are questioning the wisdom of continuing to pay for housing that is worth half of what they paid for it.

Economics, Politics &raquo

[8 Apr 2010 | 13 Comments | ]

The economic law of  “Supply and Demand” tells us that just about every commodity has a market price, which is determined by how much demand there is for a given supply of goods or services.  This law also holds true for marijuana.   Just ask the folks in California, who are giving serious consideration to the legalization and, of course, taxation of the pot business.  A legalization advocacy group in California has estimated the current sales of medical marijuana alone to be around $2.0 billion per year.  It is impossible to …

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