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This week the newly elected Congress began the orientation process for its newest members.  This was in preparation for the swearing-in proceedings to be held in January 2011.   A mere two weeks after the decisive victory  that swept the Republicans into power,  many of the “freshmen” representatives  have pledged to stay true to the promises made to the voters in their districts during the political campaign.   Although the concept of pledging to fulfill campaign promises is nothing new for newly elected politicians, they  soon will …

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Other reviews have stated that there are hidden innuendos in the series that could mark the beginning of Palin’s 2012 run. There are scenes with grizzly bears and we have often heard Palin speechify about “mama grizzlies.”

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The  Democratic majority in the “lame duck” congress, swept into power by the Obama landslide of 2008, must soon make a decision on whether or not to extend the Bush-era tax cuts, whether to let the tax cuts expire, or whether to enact new legislation that extends the tax cuts for some Americans and lets them expire for others.  In addition, if the Congress decides on tax cut extensions or new legislation, they must put forward a time-table that will govern how long the extensions will last.  In …

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Over the course of human history  mankind has constantly attempted to find  answers  to the enduring questions, such as “where did I come from and how did I get here?”   During the many centuries before the scientific method was developed, along with the  means to observe and measure observations, the philosophers and shamans reigned supreme.   In an attempt to explain the riddles of nature and the seemingly chaotic structure of the world around them, the philosophers and shamans attributed almost everything to the capricious actions of the …

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My own children grew up with me listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and each in their turn has asked for the Déjà vu CD on a Christmas list as their own memories became cherished. I, in turn, asked them for Pink Floyd. When Santana came out with “Supernatural” my children tried to claim him. I had to tell them there was no Santa Claus and that he was mine!

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I find it hard to believe that Veteran’s Days this year will mark my fortieth anniversary of being honorably discharged from  the United States Navy, after serving almost four years aboard  aircraft carriers that went back and forth to Viet Nam.   Both of the ships on which I served , the USS Hancock and the USS Ticonderoga were classified as  “Essex Class Aircraft Carriers”.  This meant  that both  ships were built during War War II to fight the Japanese in the Pacific, and were quite a bit smaller …

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November is a time for logs in the fireplace and comfort zones claimed. Good books, a favorite chair, coffee with brandy, and homemade soups, ward off the chill of November rain. It can be a time of solitude and serenity, alone but unlonely, if one is so fortunate.

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The 2010 elections are over, and the people have spoken.  In the State of Pennsylvania this means that  Democratic Governor Ed Rendell will soon be replaced by Republican Governor-elect Tom Corbett.   Mr. Corbett, like many other Republicans running for high office, based his campaign on promising no increases in taxes, lower government spending, and increased employment throughout the state.   Also like many other Republicans recently elected into office,  Mr. Corbett is unable, or unwilling, to explain just how these goals will be accomplished.  What he is willing to …

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But what are the plans? Surely they have known for some time that they would take a number of seats. One would think that programs would have been devised, developed, and at the ready. I’m not so sure they are prepared. Tonight Keith Olbermann asked Eric Cantor a simple question, “What are you going to do?”

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When compared to age of the planet Earth, about 4.5 billion years, we human beings  haven’t really been around for very long.  In fact, most anthropologists agree that our earliest ancestors emerged from the forests of Africa about 2.0 million years ago, and didn’t bother spreading out into Europe and Asia until around 15,000 years ago.  Other than a few images scrawled on the walls of caves, there were no written languages to record mankind’s history until, perhaps, hieroglyphic symbols were developed in ancient Egypt about 5,000 years …

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Not watching TV lately has kept me out of the loop but I still feel loopy, if you know what I mean. I cannot seem to get the voices of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Sarah Palin or Christine O’Donnell out of my head. What if we are stuck with these people forever like an episode of the Twilight Zone? My sanity is at risk here, people.

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