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Occupy Wall Street Moves into Pittsburgh

8 October 2011 11 Comments
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Inspired by the groundswell of Occupy Wall Street, the cause now comes to our own city of  Pittsburgh on October 15th. While our city has been like a phoenix rising from the ashes over the past two decades, there is no denying that many problems which effect the country also impact Pittsburgh. People have lost jobs; unemployment benefits have expired; lay-offs continue; foreclosures still happen, yet the banks go on and Congress has been bought and paid for.

Not only do those seeking re-election need to raise funds for their campaigns, they must also ante up for their respective Party. This leaves little time for consideration of their constituents and for the resolution of problems which plague our country. It is an appalling reality. And while millions are homeless, poor, and despairing, the people of this nation are rising together saying, “We are the 99%!” And one way or another, the people will be heard.

It is so reminiscent of the 60′s and 70′s. It took the rise of anti-war demonstrators to finally bring the war in Viet Nam to a close. I have wondered for some time when the youth of this country would realize that they are going to be severely impacted by the lack of Congressional and all-round political momentum in addressing their loss of education loans and grants, their loss of pension guarantees, and the quagmire of Social Security before they began to say, Enough! But this movement is not only building within our youth. People of all ages are sick and tired of being sick and tired because no one listening. This truly is about PEOPLE BEFORE POLITICS!

We are guaranteed the right to peaceful assembly. To those in the Pittsburgh region I say to you, assemble on October 15th in our city and make your voices heard. Do so peacefully, but let your voices be strong. This is about We The People. Our lives can no longer be dictated by the banking industry. And those whom we have elected to serve us, must do so before serving themselves in political camaraderie and agendas. So raise your voices, Pittsburgh! This is your time; this is your country. And we are the 99%.


**Thank you to Mind Over Matter on Facebook for sharing this video. It sums everything up so well.

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