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Wake Up! It’s Class Warfare on The Middle Class

20 September 2011 8 Comments
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While President Obama‘s new tax plan may not appease everyone, it is appalling for the Conservatives to call it  “class warfare on the wealthy.” Excuse me, but the wealthy have enjoyed tax cuts for years and have loopholes galore, unlike the middle class.  Since Bush enacted those tax cuts for the wealthy some years ago, I would like to know where the plethora of jobs are that the wealthy claim to create?

Upon Obama’s speech about his version of Warren Buffet‘s plan, the Conservatives were crying foul. No jobs can be created when you tax those making over $250,000 and close loopholes on oil companies! Okay, then someone please explain to me why we are in such a jobless quagmire. What have those wealthy been doing all these years that has allowed us to slip into the highest unemployment rate in decades? We have lost many more jobs than have been created and tax rates on the rich are the lowest they have ever been.

The GOP needs to get its head out of its…wallet. There will be a groundswell eventually, and it will rise from the middle class, those who have born the brunt of this Conservative class warfare upon them for years. Unless they are dyslexic, Conservatives better realize they have this bassackwards. It has been and is class warfare on the middle and the middle is sinking under the duress. This strong stance by Obama was a long time coming, and while it may be political posturing, as some have suggested, you better believe the day is coming when the middle class rises to say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”


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  • bluzdude said:

    First, when Obama wanted to repeal the Bush tax cuts, it was “Socialism.” Now it’s “Class Warfare.” Who knows what it will be next time, but it’s always the same… as soon as someone starts looking for the people with all the money to pay a little more into the kitty than they have been over the last 10 years, they come up with another inflammatory term with which to blockade their cash and capital gains.

    Looks good on bumper stickers though…

  • cher (author) said:

    I wonder what the bumper sticker would read if Obama just let the tax cuts for the wealthy expire? That’s his Ace. “Don’t call my bluff!”

  • David K. Sutton said:

    Offensive is not a word I use much because I believe it’s overused. But it is indeed offensive for Republicans to cry class warfare with so many people struggling financially in this country.

    Great tweet by Robert Reich this evening…

    “Rs believe more money will motivate the rich to work harder, while less money will motivate the poor to work harder.”

  • cher (author) said:

    The word “offensive” is entirely appropriate to describe this Republican cry. And thanks for the great quote from Robert Reich. How very apt!

  • Carpetbagger said:

    Who knew conservative’s skin was so paper thin? Are they just spoiled into getting everything they want? (Or, as Boehner said, 98% of what they want?) When they went after organized labor and bargaining rights, what was that? It was what “what the people wanted.” They better be careful tossing around statements like that, because a growing segment of the population want their heads on a platter.

    This November, there is going to be some gruesome politics.

  • cher (author) said:

    It is getting worse by the day. Stats today show Romney a hair’s breath in front of Perry. With the debate tonight, who knows? “Gruesome politics” is absolutely right!

  • Jen said:

    I wish there was a good solution for the problem in this country, but there really isn’t. Taxing the rich more heavily solves a symptom, but not the problem. It doesn’t matter how much money the Federal Government takes in if they misuse the funds.

  • cher (author) said:

    You make a good point about “misuse of funds,” but I would like to see more oversight of Federal programs. There is so much fraud in Medicaid, for example, that if we recouped even half that amount, it would finance other pressing issues. I do believe in parity for tax rates, but until we begin manufacturing in this country again, no amount of taxation will work. The wealthy have had tax cuts since GW, and unemployment keeps falling. It is less expensive for them to send work to other countries with cheaper labor.

    I am becoming more and more interested in Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 proposal for taxes. As a Republican and a business man, he has actually come up with a possibly viable solution.

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