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Rick Perry; Bad for America and Bad for You

21 September 2011 11 Comments

The Republicans are scheduled to hold another debate this  coming Thursday, and there a little doubt that the issue of  Social Security will again be a hot topic.  Who would have ever thought that any Americans, even the ultra right-wing conservatives , could stoop so low as to question the continuing existence of a federal program so vital to the health and well-being of our nation.  It is almost incomprehensible that Texas Governor Rick Perry would compare Social Security to the criminally fraudulent “Ponzi Scheme“, and inconceivable that he would suggest turning over the Social Security System to the states.  As inconceivable and incomprehensible as it may be,  this is exactly what Rick Perry has suggested.  What is even more incomprehensible is that Perry continues to enjoy a comfortable lead in the polls over his  more moderate Republican rivals.   Where is the show of outrage over Mr. Perry’s absurd comments, and why does he continue to maintain his popularity among the Republican base?  How is it that a totally corrupt politician, who has a clearly documented history of taking millions of dollars from special interest groups be seriously considered by the Republicans for the office of President of the United States?

The reason is clear.  The right wing of the Republican Party “smells blood in the water”, and they see Obama as significantly weakened by America’s long-lasting economic downturn.  To the Republicans, Perry represents the crowning achievement  in a political strategy to bring down the Obama Administration at any cost.   Three years of constant opposition to Obama Administration initiatives, three years of constant filibusters on the Senate floor, and three years of refusals to accept the nominations of Obama Administration appointees  have very efficiently shut down the President’ s ability to effectively govern.  What’s  even worse  is that the Republicans have stifled the will of the American people, who elected Obama in 2008 to bring about much-needed change over the American landscape.   Rather than co-operate with the President to solve America’s problems during it’s darkest hours, the Republicans chose to take advantage of the politics of filibuster to prolong the country’s pain and suffering.  They have, thus far, succeeded in their strategy to blame the President for their own intransigence, and to convince Americans that Republicans have all the right answers.

Over the last three years the Republicans have succeeded in absolutely nothing but putting up roadblocks to progress, and  turning Americans against one another.  They have engineered a “class war” , with middle-class Americans directly in their sights.  Over the next year or so, all Americans should give careful thought to the negative impact that a politician like Rick perry would make if elected to the nation’s highest office.   It is now time for Americans of all political stripes to put an end to the madness.  Governor Rick Perry and his Tea Party supporters must be stopped in their tracks before its too late.


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  • Larry Conley said:

    With civilized words, this article conveys a profound truth that “We the People” need to recognize and respond to.

    At its inception, the Republic faced petty politicians who so wished to remain big fish in the small ponds of their respective states that they were willing to stifle the Republic in its infancy. Then, in the middle of the nineteenth century, people of this ilk rose again and eventually launched open warfare on the Republic. Now at the start of the 21st century, the reactionary authoritarians of divide and rule and rule or ruin school of political thought are at it for a third time.

    In 1776, American patriots faced a crisis that tried their soul. 235 years later the third such crisis is upon us. Let us stand our country now as the patriots of old did in their hour of maximum peril.

    As Dr. King advised us, “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or the darkness of destructive selfishness. This is the judgment. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”

    These pious Republican candidates and pitiless Republican activists loudly profess their faith. I would hate to be in their shoes when they face the question, “What are you doing for others?”

    The truthful answer would consign them to the Hell they presumably believe awaits evildoers. The should never forget – the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” If this moment of accounting ever comes, these mean-spirited, power-hungry people will recoil from justice and beg for mercy.

    Let them be done to as they are now doing unto others!

  • Rich (author) said:

    There definitely does seem to be a strange disconnect between the words of all the “Christian Evangelical” Republican candidates, and their policies to screw-over the middle class. During the last debate, it was very interesting what Dr. Ron Paul said when he was asked about health care for the “uninsured”. He said that government should not be asked to pay for their health care; that churches and civic groups should step in to shoulder the burden. As if churches will be able to pay the health care costs of 47 million uninsured Americans! A more truthful answer would have been “Let them die and decrease the surplus population”.
    I still can’t quite figure out why the Tea Party Republicans think they will be better off by creating an impoverished and angry underclass in America? Has history taught them nothing?

  • bluzdude said:

    The Republicans do LOTS for people… as long as those people own large companies or enormous bank accounts.

    For everyone else… not so much.

  • Larry Conley said:


    I am convinced these reactionary authoritarians have not merely failed to learn from history, they believe history is whatever they want it to be and declare it is.

    In my view, the 21st century Republican Party represents the rise of the third confederacy. This persistent and pernicious idea of a fragmented nation in which petty tyrants rule fiefdoms is like a vampire. It will not die no matter how many times it is slain, and no matter the damage and carnage it triggers.

    Great article; great response to my initial comment!

    Thanks for both and all you strive to support and advance.


  • Carpetbagger said:

    How about Perry’s bizarre press conference while Obama was at the U.N. As our President was speaking before world leaders, Perry said, “We would not be here today…if the Obama Policy in the Middle East wasn’t naïve, arrogant, misguided and dangerous.”

    Can you imagine the outrage if Democrats had held a similar press conference during a George W. visit to the U.N.? Even Joe Scarborough said that he was “posing for political purposes and undermining our president. That is dangerous and it’s not good for our country.”

  • Rich (author) said:

    I find it amazing that the Republicans accuse the Democrats of engaging in class warfare, when the the GOP is clearly targeting the middle class to pay for the mistakes made by the banks and corporations.

  • Rich (author) said:

    “The rise of the third confederacy” sounds like an interesting concept, although I don’t quite see the parallel with what’s going on today. Could you expound on your line of thinking?

  • Rich (author) said:

    I have often thought that Rick Perry is a dangerous, manipulative politician, who is willing to go to any length to obtain power. His comments made against the President while Obama was speaking to the U.N. is a good example.

  • David K. Sutton said:

    To call the rest of the Republican field moderate only shows how far to the right the country has been dragged. I know you know this of course. :) I recently tweeted the following which I believe is a fitting comment to this article…

    At 74 years old, #SocialSecurity should make Bernie Madoff look like an amateur if you are to believe Rick Perry & other #GOP members. @TheLeftCall

  • Larry Conley said:


    The third confederacy of my perspective that the ongoing, enduring, recurring clash in American political life is not between right and left, but between proponents of Federations and Confederations. The first confederacy lasted roughly 11 years at the start of America’s national existence. The second confederacy is the most famous one and it endured for four years. Jefferson Davis declared, it “died of a theory”. The theory he was citing as lethal is Confederation. Prior to the emergence of the second confederacy America went through an interval aptly described as “The Approaching Fury”.

    I believe we are now the second interval of approaching fury. If this is not defused, my contention is the third confederacy will arise and America will either plunge into impotence and disarray, or open combat will break out either in a domestic cold war or riots and rampage.

    As in the two historic instances all Americans are better served if the Federalists win.

    Hope this helps with the import of the concept.

    Love this blog!


  • Rich (author) said:

    I see your point, and it’s very well taken! The Tea Party movement is screaming for “States Rights”, and the virtual dismantling of the Federal Government. Rick Perry has gone so far as to advocate the complete dissolution of Social Security as a federal program, and Ron Paul would like to see the elimination of federally funded unemployment compensation, Medicare and Medicaid. Once again the political forces in our country are ready to fight the same war that was waged during the Constitutional Convention in the eighteenth century, and again in the years leading up to the Civil War. Jefferson Davis went to his grave defending the constitutional right of individual states to “remove” their voluntary agreement to be part of the Union. The American concept of “Epluribus Unum” seems to be lost on the right-wingers.

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