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GOP Polls Show That Mitt Romney is “Toast”

4 September 2011 7 Comments
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There is nothing quite as amusing as watching the Republicans “eat their own young” in public .  After all, it was only a few weeks ago that ex-governor Mitt Romney was leading in his Party’s polls, well ahead of the ultra-conservative Tea Party wackos, such as Bachmann,  Santorum, Gingrich and Cain.  At that time, it seemed as if the Republican Party had begun to come to it’s senses and was inclined to support a presidential candidate who actually stood a chance of winning over some Democrats and independent voters.  Romney’s  great opportunity to claim “front-runner” status was further solidified when the best candidate  of all the Republicans, Jon Huntsman, was unceremoniously thrown under the bus by the Iowa caucuses. However, the penchant of Tea party loyalists to chew up and spit out moderate Republicans, such as Huntsman, was a bad omen for Mitt Romney.  An even worse omen was when the Tea Party movement abandoned Mitt after the Iowa caucuses, and headed South to worship at the feet of  Rick Perry.

Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, the Republican Party has wasted no time in showing him the door, now that Perry has arrived at the ball.  A mere four weeks after his not-so-brilliant victory in Iowa, Romney finds himself twelve points behind Perry in the polling numbers, and sinking fast.  This stunning turn-around in fortunes, however, was somewhat predictable, since Romney has heretofore refused to bow down to the Tea Party gods and goddesses, and has not paid sufficient homage to the ideological champion of conservative blather, Rush Limbaugh.  As Romney now takes his assigned position, directly under the bus with Jon Huntsman, the last chance for a moderate Republican running in 2012 rides off into the sunset.  His fate has been sealed!

Failing to recognize his “toast” status within the Republican ranks, a considerably weakened  Mitt Romney has continued to campaign in New Hampshire, where he has been met with very public Tea Party protests, and lots of contempt from all sides.  The Republican Party that Mitt Romney “knew and loved” so well in 2008 is now a thing of the past.   The ultra-conservatives own the “new” Republican party, and they intend to throw out Mitt Romney along with the trash.  Ironically, Mitt’s demise will bring smiles to the faces of many Democrats and Independents, who saw him as a potential threat to Barack Obama in 2012.  Good bye,  Mitt Romney, and good riddance!



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