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22 September 2011 10 Comments

In an article of Psychology Today they discussed the word “fuggedaboutit.” Though they described the word as “Alpha Male Linguistics,” I am telling you today as a female, Fuggedaboutit! The Stock Market is tanking. So what else is new? I could go on and on about all the problems many of us face, but this is Take a Break Day. That’s right; I declare that we all take a break from politics and news. Find something fun to do and savor the moment, or in my case…the food!

There is a great place in our hometown of Pittsburgh called the Strip District. It is a strip of city blocks filled with Old World aromas, flavors, shops, and trinkets. As soon as the car was parked, I began walking in the fresh 68 degree air, and felt a calm sweep over me. The Strip was bustling and there was something absolutely reassuring about it. The world was still turning and people were smiling at one another. I stood on the sidewalk for a moment, took off my sunglasses and soaked it all in. Life is mmm, so good.

Since Fall has arrived, I wanted some eucalyptus to fill vases in the house with that lovely scent. My first stop was a flower warehouse and just inside the door, they had all the eucalyptus a person could ever want. I lifted one gigantic bouquet close to my face and inhaled deeply. It was a natural high! “I’ll take two,” I said to the cherubic-faced saleswoman. And then I spotted a small crystal candle holder, looked at the price, and calculated that I could afford this little treasure. “Oh, and add this too, please.” Now it was time to follow the aromas.

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, I was in a very Italian mood. Off to the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company! Oh Lord, as I entered the doors my senses were on alert! Fresh cheese by the score, and just the deli-meat I was looking for—capacola! “I’ll take one half pound, sweet and lean, ” I said with glee.  “Okay, Honey,” said the man with the Italian accent behind the counter smiling.

Back at the cheese counter, they had samples of the freshest Baby Swiss cheese for customers to dip into a  Riesling Wine Jelly. That jelly was so good I wondered if I could bathe in it! At Wholey’s, THE place for fresh seafood, I grabbed some stuffed scallops, two packages of clam strips and the store’s very own brand of cocktail sauce. Even the check-out girl was pleasant!

Walking jauntily back to the car, I thought, “Oh no! I forgot the cannoli!” That famous line from The Godfather came to me immediately, “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” I laughed and thought, Fuggedaboutit! I’ll get some next week. This, I promise you.



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  • Jen and Tonic said:

    Ah, I loved that this was like sharing a day with you! I absolutely adore seafood- if I’m ever in Pittsburgh you’ll have to show me the place.

  • cher (author) said:

    Hi Jen!
    You know I would love to have you visit and the Strip District would be a must-visit on our list. Wholeys supplies all the seafood to restaurants in the city and it is absolutely so fresh and reasonable in price when you buy it directly from them. The entire experience of the Strip District is just fun! There are many upscale areas, but this place is the greatest. Always a joy to see you! :)

  • The Snee said:

    Hi Cher,

    I love the fuggedaboutit concept. There is something incredibly reassuring about enjoying little moments during big political/economic upheavals. Pittsburgh has so much to offer! I want to check out The Strip next time I drive through. I could taste the pasta, the cheese, the jelly, the wine and smell the yummy eucalyptus. What a relief to fuggedaboutit all for a moment! Have a great day Cher.

  • cher (author) said:

    The Snee,
    You would truly enjoy the Strip District. I love hearing the old world accents, as an elderly gentleman beside me at the Deli counter asked for a pound of “capacol,” leaving off the “a” at the end of the word. I sort of shriveled, as I knew he had heard me say it in the Americanized way. And they say Gannoli, not “Cannoli.” Across the street there was a Vietnamese woman preparing luncheon items for sidewalk cafe’ diners. She was petite and dressed in a long yellow Vietnamese dress. The sights, sounds and aromas were floating about everywhere. It was a wonderful time. :)

  • Carpetbagger said:

    Ugh, marron! I may have to brave all those Notre Dame fans and hit da strip this week myself. You know, wet my beak a bit. Whaddayagonnado!

  • cher (author) said:

    ‘Ey Baggah!
    If you hit the Strip before the Pitt-Notre Dame game, you may not make it! But ya know, you can eat real good at those pubs! ;)

  • David K. Sutton said:

    It definitely is easy to get caught up in the big things more than might be healthy. Take some time to enjoy the little things. Great sentiment.

  • Judie said:

    Well, as long as we’re sharing, Little Liz (4 lbs. 13 oz.) was bitten by a rattlesnake on Tuesday night. She had to have two vials of antivenon, and her poor little head was the size of a grapefruit. She’s recovering, but it will take time. I need some eucalyptus in my house, too. AND Italian is SUCH comfort food, I could use that as well.

  • cher (author) said:

    We need a balance, don’t we David? I am really going to work on that by going back to the Strip next week for some cannoli!

  • cher (author) said:

    Dear Judie,
    When I read your comment about your sweet dog, Liz, I lost my breath. I am so sorry and can only imagine what you are going through. I will be calling you, my sister. Hugs to all of you…

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